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With an Old Buzzard, there is no need to watch the meat or move it around. Just kick back, enjoy your favorite beverage, keep the fire going and let the buzzard do the work. The combination smoker/grille has a big enough cooking area for 2 briskets, has second grille for ribs, sausage, etc. Easily converts to a gas grill and rides on casters for easy movement. Cooks Meat Evenly- Easy to Use – Great Results


At Texas Original Pits, we know that barbecue is life. You dont simly emjoy it- its an intergral part of who you are and what you do. Thats why we srive to build the highest quality BBQ Pits, Grills, Smokers, and Fire Pits by hand in Houston, Tx.


BBQ Pits & Smoker Pits Built to last ! A Tejas BARBECUE PIT smoker in the traditional Texas style, a bbq pit which does not leak smoke but does hold temp. We don’t cut corners in the construction or choice of quality fabricating materials -an outdoor barbecue pit smoker crafted with great pride; it looks good and cooks even better -a Texas style barbecue pit smoker built to last. The doors latch and seal tightly. Lids contain the heat and smoke insuring evenly cooked food. A Tejas barbecue pit smoker is noted for holding temperature so you don’t have to constantly watch the bbq pit. A Tejas Smokers barbecue pit smoker is crafted by hand; an outdoor barbecue pit smoker or barbecue grill for folks who appreciate true quality.


R & V Works is all about providing exceptional value to our customers. We believe that providing versatile, high performance, low maintenance gas fryers with unsurpassed quality will give our customers the greatest all around value for their investment. Our promise to our customers is to provide a top quality product with exceptional customer service and to exceed every customers’ expectations, every time.

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Cook with Love or don't Cook at All.

Established in 2016, the BBQ Store and More, is devoted to providing quality pits, fryers and accessories to families across the Houston area. Supplying you and your family the necessary tools to get outside and make some memories. Not only do we carry some of the top names in barbecuing but we also have to ability to custom design a trailer pit that fits your specific needs. As soon as you walk into our showroom, you will see the passion we have for cooking and cooking well. A few brands we carry are Texas Original, Old Buzzard Smokers, Tejas Smokers, R & V Works Fryers and Boilers, YETI and much more. So come by and take a look around- we promise that we have something you will love.